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No new elevator for city building – yet

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

The Delphi City Council heard Monday night that the City’s second bid for a grant to install an elevator in the City Building from the first floor to the second was unsuccessful, as was the first bid. The discussion quickly turned to changing the location of the monthly City Council meetings. The second floor of the building is not accessible to those unable to take the stairs. City leaders have always made alternate meeting location accommodations for those who ask for a change to be able to attend meetings.

Council member Mike Shockley, along with Brian Garrison, recommended the Council use the new Delphi Community Center.

“There’s no reason we don’t use it,” Shockley said.

It was the consensus of the Council members present, President Dale Seward, Shockley, Garrison and Carolyn Pearson, to adopt a resolution in February formally changing the location of the meetings and begin meeting at the Community Center in April.

Curbs/Sidewalk Program

Street Commissioner Aaron Lyons reported he has had several telephone calls about participation in the Curbs and Sidewalks Program. He said eight property owners have committed to the program and he has nearly 10 properties to measure. Lyons said it costs between $700 and $900 to replace 60 feet of curb.

Zoning guidance sought

The City Council approved a formal request to the Carroll County Area Plan Commission (APC) to recommend how to proceed to allow Trinity Missions to operate a residential treatment facility on North Washington St. at the location of the former Peters Revington buildings. Mayor Shane Evans said the process is statutorily to begin with the City Council and there are several options from which to choose.

The current zoning designation does not allow the desired activity. The use could be incorporated into the special exceptions for the designation or the property could be rezoned, Evans said. The Mayor said it is prudent to allow the APC to discuss the various ways to allow Trinity Missions to operate on the property before the City Council requests a specific action.

Trail grant

The Council voted to support a grant for more than $1.4 million to create a trail from Samuel Milroy Rd. to the Monon High Bridge. Evans said he verified efforts and funds from others who have worked on projects in the area, such as the Wabash and Erie Canal, the Heritage Heartland Inc. and Indiana Landmarks, can be used as the City match for the grant.

Evans said the bulk of the work will be paving the trail from the beginning point on Samuel Milroy Rd. to the High Bridge. He said the Wabash and Erie Canal Association will maintain the trail proper and the City would be responsible for crack sealing the asphalt when needed.

Police report

Delphi Police Chief Steve Mullin reported Delphi officers made 138 arrests in 2018 and issued 142 citations. A total of 141 parking tickets were issued along with 21 handgun licenses. Vehicles were driven 63,915 miles in 2018. Officers have made 11 arrests this year, issued 16 parking tickets, six citations and five warnings. The total miles driven by officers in police vehicles was 6,491.

Other business

Council members will meet in a work session Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. to discuss the Mayor’s proposal to revise and amend portions of the Delphi Code. The public is invited.

Shockley announced a grand opening celebration for the Delphi Community Center will be March 2.

Local business owner Jeff Watson reported that after reviewing the city’s list of properties insured, he discovered the city is still paying insurance premiums for the Stone Barn, which was deeded to the Carroll County Historical Society several years ago.

Mayor Evans said, in response to a question from Shockley, the money to pay for the employee Christmas Party, which was paid out of the Water Operating and the Wastewater Operating funds, has now been corrected and paid from the Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) Promotional line item. Evans said the party has been funded in the previous two years from EDIT.

The Board of Works approved contracts to Pavement Solutions for micro-surfacing and to Milestone Contractors for overlays of the Riley Park Trail and asphalt at Riley Park.

The Water Department pumped 24,329,000 gallons of water in January, Indiana Packers Corporation used 19,093,448 of the total pumped.

Merrill Brothers hauled roughly 45,000 gallons of liquid bio-solids in January.

Claims for $127,680.95 were approved without questions from Board of Works members.

The next Board of Works meeting will be a work session on Feb. 14 at 9 a.m. The group will hold a business meeting Feb. 18 at 5:30 p.m.

The next City Council meeting will be March 2 at 6 p.m.

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